POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 1 On behalf of the Members and Board of Directors of the Police Association of Nova Scotia, I wish to thank the general public and businesses in Nova Scotia for their continued support of our organization. The Police Association of Nova Scotia appreciates your generosity and interest in our Annual Crime Prevention Guide, which has been delivered for over 50 years. I wish to thank Fenety Marketing Services for their excellent work and dedication to our organization during the past year. 2022 continues to be challenging for everyone in our respective communities. Be kind and take care of one another. Respectfully, Richard Hickox President Police Association of Nova Scotia Thank You PO BOX 88, EASTERN PASSAGE STN. MAIN, EASTERN PASSAGE, NS B3G 1M7 PHONE: (902) 468-7555 EMAIL: PANS@APA.ONE PANS Office Staff David W. Fisher CEO Brigitte Gaudet Controller President: Richard Hickox 1st Vice-President: Harvey Timmons - Pictou County Area Director: Dave Hirtle - Cumberland County Area Director: Chris Watts - Charlottetown Area Director: Steve Shipley - Lunenburg County Area Director: Mike Goss - Kings County Area Director: Trevor Lamont - Colchester County PANS BOARD OF DIRECTORS