POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 125 Where to get help (continued) Youth &Young Adults HRM University Supports www.novascotia.cmha/resources/hrm-university-supports Shifting the culture of how youth and their families transition from pediatric to adult-based mental health services, and supporting collaborative pathways between universities and mental health and addiction services when needed. For more information, contact Deborah Phillips at To view our new Indigenous Health and Safety page, please visit Nova Scotia CAST Coalitions Through the development and sustainability of Nova Scotia CAST (Communities Addressing Suicide Together) Coalitions, the CAST Program is supporting community members to address suicide in their respective areas. • ComingTogether to Address a Community Need The CAST Program believes that communities are their own experts, and that members of a community have many valuable skills and abilities regarding suicide prevention; therefore, a community can determine the best way to address suicide. The Coalition Model has proven successful in changing attitudes and behaviours addressing a variety of issues linked to population health.The CAST Program is pleased to be using this model to address suicide prevention and loss at the community level. • BringingTogether Diverse Skills & Backgrounds Addressing suicide cuts across many disciplines and traditional boundaries. It requires the efforts of people from a variety of backgrounds and helping experiences. CAST Coalition Members can include family members and friends of loved ones who have attempted or died by suicide, professionals who are working to prevent suicide, those who have personally struggled with suicide, as well as any community member who is interested in addressing the issue. • Creating a Community Plan to Address Suicide Coalitions work together with CAST to create a plan to address suicide in their unique community.This plan identifies what resources and supports already exist in the community, how communities can improve collaboration to prevent suicide and support those affected, and what resources or supports are missing. Coalitions then work with CAST to ensure that the appropriate services and resources are available, accessible, and well-delivered within the community, while raising awareness of important suicide prevention, intervention and postvention issues. CAST supports Coalitions in taking the steps identified by the community towards suicide-safer living. Nova Scotia CAST Coalitions • Annapolis Valley CAST Coalition • Baddeck CAST Coalition • South Shore CAST Coalition • Cumberland County CAST Coalition • Colchester-East Hants CAST Coalition • East Preston Empowerment Academy CAST Coalition • NSVirtual Faith Community CAST Coalition • Pictou County CAST Coalition • Quad Counties CAST Coalition • Sydney CAST Coalition • Tri-Community CAST Coalition • Tri-County CAST Coalition If you are interested in learning more about the work of our Nova Scotia CAST Coalitions, the development of a CAST Coalition, or if would like to volunteer your time through CAST Coalition activities in your area, please contact the CAST Program. (continued)