Crime Prevention Guide

POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 89 Who can help? You are responsible for the safety of your children. If you or your partner is struggling to be a good parent, but you think you could do better, ask for help. You might want to make a list of places where you can ask for help.The list below can help you find people or groups that might be able to help you with information, support or emergency assistance. These numbers or links may change. Remember to keep them up-to-date. Child protection services For more information about the child protection laws in your province or territory, see Child Protection Services in Canada on the Department of Justice site for children and youth at http:// local child protection services office can also give you information about laws in your province or territory. Global Affairs Canada For more information about parental child abduction, visit the Global Affairs Canada website at Look under “Publications” for a booklet called “International Child Abduction:A Guidebook for Left-Behind Parents”. Department of Justice Canada Provides links to information about the law in Canada: http:// Provides information for kids on family violence and the law in Canada: Reproduced from the Department of Justice publication Child Abuse is Wrong: What Can I Do? without affiliation or endorsement of the Government of Canada. Need help but don’t know where to start? 211 can help. It’s free and confidential. CALL: 211 TEXT: 211 SEARCH: EMAIL: