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POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 47 By Heather Brimicombe As originally published May 6/20, The Advocate First responders telling stories Story time takes different format Const. Lauren Stiles reads Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss in one of the videos that have been posted to the Storytime with Pictou County First Responders Facebook group. First responders may be extra busy lately, but they are never too busy to reach out to the community they serve and give back a little cheer. After hearing about a story reading group that her daughter was invited to online, Cpl. Claire Corkum-Timmons decided that as first responders, it would be a great way to do something for others in a time of social distancing. “I thought, well, that’s a really good idea,” said CorkumTimmons. “I thought maybe as first responders we could do something collectively for the kids in our area that are all being home schooled.” The Storytime with Pictou County First Responders Facebook group was born from there, opening up to first responders who want to submit their own video to the group as well as anyone who would like to hear the stories being told by those posting. “It’s a positive thing, certainly,” said Corkum-Timmons about how it makes first responders feel to participate in the group.” We’re able to let the kids see that we’re human too and that we like to read books and that we’re encouraging that and that other children get to read and see it and it gives us a moment to just do something fun.” Having only started the group about two weeks ago it has grown to 335 members so far and Corkum-Timmons is hoping that even more will join the group and listen as well as submit. She added that she was thrilled when the local fire department jumped on the idea happy to send in submissions. Her suggestion to other first responders: “Pick a children’s book that means something to you or if you have children, one of their books,” she said. There have also been members of the group asking if they can make requests for certain books as well, which CorkumTimmons said they would be happy to try to accommodate if possible. “I’m hoping that we can get enough videos that we can post one every day,” she said. “It’s only going to work if everyone is going to take part.” PANS in the community New Glasgow Regional Police Servicecontinued continued