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POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 27 PANS in the community Charlottetown Police Services continued By Shane Ross As originally published May 19/20 CBC News Charlottetown police officers Steve Collin and Cole Gallant check out the messages on the sidewalk outside the police station. (NicoleWilliams/CBC) Charlottetown police officers say positive messages written in chalk on the sidewalk outside the police station are "very touching" — especially since they come from youths. The anonymous messages include "we appreciate your work" and "thanks for keeping us all safe." There are also hearts and words such as loving, outgoing and incredible. Deputy Chief Brad MacConnell said police noticed the messages on Monday, and everybody at the station has been talking about it. "It's not uncommon for people to show appreciation to first responders and police by dropping stuff off," he said. "But when we saw the sidewalk messages and knowing that they were left by youth, and the tone of the messages really touched us in a different way." MacConnell said like any organization, the police department has had to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19. He said morale is "very, very good." "As first responders we've gained a new respect for other front-line people in this battle of COVID, like people who work in grocery stores and other professions. Everyone's stepped up and, you know, kind of proud to be part of that community." Police 'really touched' by uplifting messages on the sidewalk Deputy chief says response to COVID-19 makes police proud to be part of community The messages express appreciation for Charlottetown police officers. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)