Crime Prevention Guide

1-800-668-6868 108 POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA Prepare if you need to leave Creating a safety plan can reduce stress and help you feel more prepared if/when unsafe things happen. If it’s an option for you, you can keep a packed bag somewhere hidden and accessible to you — this could be stored outside the home in your locker at school, at a friend’s house, etc.You may want to include clothes, a water bottle, money, prescription medications you may need, phone charger etc.Think about safe places you can go and how you may get there. • What I’ll bring: • Who I’ll tell: • Where I’ll go and how I’ll get there: • Important numbers: Practice self-care It’s understandable if you’re experiencing physical and emotional responses as a result of abuse.You may be feeling anxious, angry, depressed, have low self-esteem, physical health issues or feel numb or on edge. It’s important to notice how your body is reacting because everyone responds to the impacts of abuse differently.When you can, focus on creating space to connect with yourself and your needs by practising self-care. Some activities that may help include breathing exercises, grounding techniques, exercise or physical activity, practising mindfulness, lighting a candle or using essential oils etc. • Ideas to help me cope with my feelings: Living with abuse is hard and keeping yourself safe and cared for is important.While the journey is different for everyone, it takes courage to reach out for support. By taking steps to adjust your environment and prioritize your safety, you’re strengthening your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Remember that you deserve support and you’re not alone. (continued) 8