POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 29 Great night at The Inspired Gala celebrating Special Olympics. Representing Kings County were Sergeant Marty Smith who coaches basketball and Taylor Pelton who competes in basketball, soccer and floor hockey. Theo Giesen ( Valley Journal Advertiser As originally published: August 22, 2019 Kentville Police Service launches fun helmet safety campaign Photo credit: Valley Journal-Advertiser PANS in the community Kentville Police Servicecontinued Const. Sarah Robichaud of the Kentville Police Service is redefining what it means to get pulled over. During the Protect Your Melon initiative, officers will be rewarding folks sporting a protective helmet while using a bike, skateboard or scooter. They’ll be handing out tickets offering rewards, such as a free cool beverage. And there’s more. As part of Robichaud’s new project, everyone who receives one of these “tickets”will also be entered into a draw to win a new bike. Robichaud launched the campaign in mid-August and it will run to the end of September. She explains that the goal is to reward the community for abiding by rules that are meant to protect people. “It’s obviously the law to be wearing a helmet while riding, and that is something we reinforce as part of our duty, but I figured we could put a positive twist on that rule to help encourage people to follow it. We’re hoping this incentive will be the little extra push to get people riding safely,” says Robichaud. With this new incentive, riders who have always practiced protecting their melon will now be rewarded for their good habits. “During the course of the day while we’re on general patrol and the opportunity rises, we will stop an individual in a safely manner, and inform themof the initiative. At the beginning you could tell people were shocked and nervous to have a police officer approach them, but once they realize we’re bringing good news, their reaction completely changes. Plus, who doesn’t want a coupon for a free slushie on a warm day?” As more and more people become aware of this movement, Robichaud hopes it will foster a stronger relationship between the community and local police officers. Part of the goal is to show that officers are ordinary people just doing their jobs - keeping the community safe. The Kentville Police Service is grateful to all of the local businesses who have shown overwhelming support for the Protect Your Melon initiative. 2019 Remembrance Day - left to right: Sergeant Mike Goss, Deputy Chief Darryl Brown, Chief Julia Cecchetto, Sergeant Marty Smith, Auxiliary Constable Harlon Wood and Constable Devin White.