POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 27 Theo Giesen ( Valley Journal Advertiser As originally published: May 24, 2019 Kentville Police Service’s Angie McWaid receives justice award Photo credit: Valley Journal-Advertiser PANS in the community Kentville Police Service continued Const. Angie McWaid has some hard-earned new hardware. The Kentville Police Service member was presented with the John Dunlop Memorial Award on May 17 for her dedication to the community of Kentville. The award recognizes those who go above and beyond their job description to develop community activities for youth. The award is presented on behalf of the Nova Scotia Criminal Justice Association annually and is the oldest justice award in Canada. Fred Honsberger, president of the Nova Scotia Criminal Justice Association, went to Town Hall in Kentville to present McWaid with the award. The presentation occurred at the beginning of the police commissionmeeting, with a speech fromHonsberger about the hard work that McWaid does on her own time for the community. The list of her accomplishments in developing the community of Kentville was an impressive one that went on for some time before she was asked to accept her award. After the presentation, McWaid spoke about how much the award means to her. “I feel very honoured and overwhelmed in a way. I certainly didn’t expect to get a call from Fred Honsberger to receive an award like this. It was an amazing surprise. I feel very blessed to be able to work in a community I love.” McWaid plans to continue with her helping ways into the future. “I’m doing a lot of volunteering at the Kings County General Resource Centre right now as the chair of their board. I help out whenever I can to aid with their programs and assist their staff,” she said. “That’s my main focus right now.” As a thank you to Sergeant Mike Goss from Kentville Police Services for volunteering his time in their new video, Gates Insurance made a donation to a charity of his choice. Sergeant Goss wanted to support Chrysalis House Association and their new building project. Pictured here is Sergeant Mike Goss, Ginger McPhee of Chrysalis House and Mark Vardy from Gates Insurance presenting the $500 donation to Project Renew. Constable Erica Johnson and Constable David MacDonald at the Devil’s Half Acre Motorcycle Rally in Kentville.