POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 19 PANS in the community Bridgewater, NS, Canada / CKBW As originally published: March 12, 2019 Reported by: Ed Halverson, Twitter: @edwardhalverson, E-mail: Bridgewater Signs New Police Contract Bridgewater Police have put pen to paper on a new five year deal with the town. Detective Constable Derek Childs, President of Local 108 says a good working relationship between the Town and the Police Service allowed them to reach an agreement in a day. “Most places don’t get an agreement in place before the other one is expiring. A lot of the time, things go into arbitration and it can be years.” Childs says that wasn’t the case during these negotiations. “Just translated into an easy setting and forum that day to have an open and frank discussion about what we felt was important and where we could make some concessions and it just flowed really well.” Childs says the two sides worked to find over $30,000 in savings which allowed for two and a half percent increases for officers in each year of the contract. He says the Police Service altered their shifts to align better with when they are needed. The new contract will be in effect the first of April. Bridgewater Police Service