POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 35 PANS in the community Truro Police Service Truro Police officers hope to be handing out a lot of tickets to young people this summer. These are“positive tickets”and those who get one can look forward to some fitness fun. “They’ll be a reward for positive, safe behaviour,” said Truro Police Chief Dave MacNeil. “When officers see a young person being active, and being safe and respectful, by doing something like wearing a bike helmet, they can give them one of the tickets. “We want to educate, as well as enforce. This is a way to encourage healthy behaviour and provide positive interaction with police.” In the past, positive tickets could be redeemed for things like ice cream, but through conversation with Ashley Simms, the town’s director of parks, recreation and culture, another idea came about. The police service partnered with the town and the Rath-Eastlink Community Centre (RECC), and this year’s tickets entitle the bearer to a free family day pass for the RECC or the Victoria Park Pool. Any young person who is being physically active while respecting laws and bylaws could be issued a ticket. Cst Katie Titus and Cst Kelly Quinn will have lots of opportunities to talk to people and hand out tickets. They’ve started doing daily foot and bicycle patrols of the downtown area, skate park and Victoria Park. By Lynn Curwin As originally published, Truro Daily News, July 3, 2018 Truro Police handing out tickets to young people for good behavior Cst Katie Titus has some positive tickets to hand out to young people she sees being physically active while respecting the rules.The tickets entitle the recipient to a free family day pass at the RECC or Victoria Park Pool.