POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 23 NEW GLASGOW, N.S. - The Town of New Glasgow took some time at its council meeting on March 5 for the formal promotion of six officers to the rank of corporal and sergeant. Police Chief Eric MacNeil and New Glasgow Mayor Nancy Dicks presented promotions to the police officers who now make up the middle management team for the New Glasgow Regional Police. “Something we’ve been lacking is a middle management team over the last several years,” said MacNeil. The town has addressed that by developing a promotional routine. To qualify for promotions, officers had to meet certain criteria that included everything from an exam to a file review. There was also an interview board. “I’m very happy with it. It makes it for a more efficient and productive police service,”MacNeil said. He said it will be great to be able to utilize the talents of the officers in a more formal way. “Leadership of course is very crucial for any police department. You have to have that leadership.” Among the promotions were two historic firsts. Claire Corkum-Timmons became the first female police officer with the department to be promoted to the rank of corporal. Corkum-Timmons said she’s in her 19th year of policing in Pictou County. When she started in Stellarton, she was the first female officer to work in that department. She then moved to Trenton and became the first female police officer to work for that department. Then she became part of the New Glasgow Regional Police. “I want to encourage others to get into this profession, and in particular, young women. I feel that being a leader and being promoted can inspire change in our department for the better.” Another historic first was the promotion of Darryl Paris to the rank of sergeant. He is the first black officer to be promoted to that level in the New Glasgow police department. MacNeil said he is very pleased with all the officers who were promoted. Other officers recognized were Cpl. Nick Hirtle, Cpl. Jason Lloyd, Sgt. Jason MacKinnon and Det. Sgt. Ryan Leil. PANS in the community New Glasgow Police Servicecontinued By AdamMacInnis ( As originally published, The News A SaltWire Network Publication, March 6, 2019 New Glasgow Regional Police promote officers Claire Corkum-Timmons became the first female officer promoted to the rank of corporal. Presenting her with the promotion are Police Chief Eric MacNeil and New GlasgowMayor Nancy Dicks. - AdamMacInnis