POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 1 All Nova Scotians deserve to live in a safe and healthy community. The Province of Nova Scotia is committed to ensuring public safety and it would not be possible without working closely with our policing partners. Most Nova Scotians are aware of the dangers of prescription drug abuse, especially in recent years as the issue has been increasing across the country. The Province of Nova Scotia works with policing, justice partners as well as physicians to address the problem of prescription drug abuse. With initiatives like the Court-monitored Drug Treatment Program, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, and the province-wide Drug Information System, we continue to help tackle the immediate impacts and long-term effects of prescription drug use and overdose. We commend the Police Association of Nova Scotia for using the 47th Annual Crime Prevention Guide as a platform to talk about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. We hope that you take the time to read the information in this guide to educate yourself on this important and timely issue. We encourage you to take this information and share it with your neighbours, family and friends, to help keep our communities safe. As we work together, we will continue to create a province that is safe and healthy for all Nova Scotians. Honourable Stephen McNeil, M.L.A. Premier Honourable Mark Furey, M.L.A. Attorney General and Minister of Justice Joint Message from the Premier and Minister of Jus!ce Police Associa!on of Nova Sco!a Crime Preven!on Guide Prescrip!on Drug Abuse