POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 11 PANS in the community Proceeds from our 47th Annual Community Guide have allowed the Police Association of Nova Scotia to make a $5,000.00 donation to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia to assist with their mission to address the very serious problem of Drug Abuse in the province. From left to right... David Fisher, Trevor Lamont, Robert Hunka, Rick Hickox, Brenda MacDonald, Heather Lohnes (Mental Health and Addictions Program {Central Zone}, Nurse Rehabilitation Counsellors, Opioid Treatment Program), Dale Johnsonand Katie Titus. The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia was established in 2002, a re-imagining of The Nova Scotia Hospital Foundation created in 1986 and led by Charles Keating. Keating envisioned a community that could work together to break down stigma and provide support to those living with mental illness. At that time the Foundation only supported clients of the Nova Scotia Hospital as well as the Dartmouth community. However by 2002, we broadened our mandate to raise awareness and support for mental health care in the Capital District Health Authority and throughout communities in Nova Scotia. Today, we support the vision of the Nova Scotia Healthy Authority's Addictions and Mental Health Program and partner with the provincial government, community associations, and local business, to place greater emphasis on mental illness and its human toll through our Community Grants program and Capital District Mental Health Program Grants.