POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 73 ALCOHOL & DRUG PRESENCE IN FATAL MOTOR VEHICLE CRASHES Crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs are the leading criminal cause of death in Canada. On average, approximately 4 people are killed each day in crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs. In 2012, there were 2,546 crash deaths. Of those, 1,497 deaths, or 58.8%, involved drivers who had some alcohol and/or drug presence in their systems. • 476 deaths, or 18.7%, occurred in crashes involving drivers with a positive alcohol reading. • 614 deaths, or 24.1%, occurred in crashes involving drivers with a positive drug reading. Cannabis was the drug most frequently found. • 407 deaths, or 16%, occurred in crashes involving drivers with positive readings for both alcohol and drugs. Please note that these statistics document the presence of alcohol and/or drugs and do not reflect impairment levels. The statistics reflect the growing rate of drug presence in drivers involved in fatal crashes. In fact, drugs are now present more often than alcohol in drivers involved in fatal crashes. ■ F A C T 1 in every 8 deaths and injuries in road crashes is a teenager. IMPAIRED BOATING IS IMPAIRED DRIVING Alcohol is a factor in about 40% of the estimated 150 recreational boating fatalities that occur in Canada each year. Alcohol diminishes judgment, reduces motor skills and balance, slows reaction times, reduces depth perception, and accelerates hypothermia. Trying to operate a boat while impaired endangers the operator, passengers and other boaters on the water. Despite the risks, 37% of boaters admit to consuming alcohol every time they boat, and 66% say they drink alcohol sometimes when boating. Generally, boaters who are impaired are more likely to go too fast for the waterway, operate vessels in a dangerous or careless manner, forget to turn on running lights or other required night-time equipment, or openly consume alcohol while underway. Anyone who sees a boater they think is impaired can call 911 or their local police marine unit. Try to have the boat licence number, name and description of the boat, the direction of travel and any location information or specific landmarks ■