POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 87 Building Resilience Against Terrorism CANADA’S COUNTER-TERRORISM STRATEGY Public Safety Canada The first priority of the Government of Canada is to protect Canada and the safety of Canadians at home and abroad. That means protecting the physical security of Canadians, and their values and institutions. The Strategy is necessarily comprehensive because the terrorist threat is multidimensional. First, Canada has been and will continue to be a target of terrorists. Second, Canadian citizens and permanent residents are known to have been involved in terrorist activities or associated with international terrorist groups. Third, terrorists may try to use Canada as a base to finance, support or conduct attacks against other countries. The Strategy is directed against terrorism in all its dimensions. Countering terrorism demands a global strategy of partnership with others. The Strategy ensures that Canada remains a capable and reliable partner in countering international terrorism and in defending Canada, Canadians and Canadian interests. AIM OF THE STRATEGY The aim of Building Resilience Against Terrorism is to counter domestic and international terrorism in order to protect Canada, Canadians and Canadian interests. PRINCIPLES UNDERPINNING THE STRATEGY Principles matter. They affirm Canada’s democratic values. They provide a clear articulation of how Canada conducts its work. They explain to others around the world what Canada stands for, and what they can expect from Canada in countering the terrorist threat. The Strategy is founded on six fundamental principles: 1. Building resilience 2. Terrorism is a crime and will be prosecuted 3. Adherence to the rule of law 4. Cooperation and partnerships 5. Proportionate and measured response 6. A flexible and forward-looking approach These principles are based on fundamental Canadian values, as well as Canada’s practical experience in dealing with terrorism. The Canadian experience has been shaped by a deep attachment to democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights and pluralism. It is based on openness to ideas and innovations, and to people from every part of the world. It is also a society that rejects intolerance and violent extremism. Security ultimately depends upon a respect for these values. When they are imperilled, the safety and prosperity of everyone will be threatened. continued... AIM AND FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES