POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 85 ANTI-TERRORISM ACT, 2015 PROTECTING CANADIANS FROM NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS AT HOME AND ABROAD THE NEW LEGISLATION WOULD GIVE CANADIAN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCIES NEW TOOLS TO STOP TERRORIST THREATS BY: 1 2 3 STOPPING THE PROMOTION OF TERRORISM PREVENTING TERRORISTS FROM RECRUITING OTHERS DISRUPTING TERRORIST PLOTS AND PREVENTING PLANNED ATTACKS CRIMINALIZINGTHE ADVOCACY OR PROMOTION OF TERRORISM OFFENCES Stopping those who promote terrorism including attacks on Canadians WITNESS PROTECTION Protecting those who play a key role in national security investigations and prosecutions SEIZURE OF TERRORIST PROPAGANDA Providing the courts with the authority to order the takedown of terrorist propaganda INFORMATION SHARING Enabling the sharing of information related to national security across federal departments and agencies PASSENGER PROTECT PROGRAM Confronting the challenge of terrorist travel by air CSIS DISRUPTION MANDATE Giving CSIS the mandate to disrupt specific terror plots in the planning stages STRENGTHENING PREVENTION POWERS Making it easier for police to detain suspected terrorists before they can cause harm THE IMMIGRATION AND REFUGEE PROTECTIONACT Using and protecting classified information in immigration proceedings ANTI-TERRORISM ACT, 2015