POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 109 ...continued THE STRATEGY Prevent, Detect, Deny and Respond continued... Internationally, Canada has well-established practices for sharing counter-terrorism information with allies, multilateral agencies like NATO and other key partners. Over time, Canada will strengthen relationships with current partners while seeking and developing new partnerships. The Strategy will serve to reinforce security initiatives between Canada and the U.S. and will complement the Canada-U.S. Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness. In order to effectively detect the terrorist or terrorist financing threat, federal government departments and agencies must share information efficiently amongst themselves; with the provinces, territories and municipalities; with Canada’s allies and with non-traditional international partners; as well as with private sector stakeholders. Public Safety Canada and the Department of Justice continue to lead the development of legislative proposals to improve information sharing among departments and agencies for national security purposes that are consistent with the Charter and the Privacy Act. The Government must leverage new technologies to ensure that information required for national security purposes is available to decision makers in a timely manner. The Government is working to upgrade this infrastructure, which provides the tools required by front line personnel and others to share classified information. PURPOSE To deny terrorists the means and opportunity to carry out their activities in order to protect Canadians and Canadian interests. Intelligence and law enforcement actions, prosecutions, and domestic and international cooperation are important to mitigate vulnerabilities and aggressively intervene in terrorist planning. The end goal is to make Canada and Canadian interests a more difficult target for would-be terrorists. DESIRED OUTCOMES 1. A strong ability to counter terrorist activities at home and abroad is maintained. 2. Prosecutions are pursued and concluded effectively. 3. The means and opportunity to support terrorist activities are denied. 4. Strong cooperation with key allies and non-traditional partners is maintained. Deny