POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 41 TRURO – It was love at first sight for her, and it was her being in a uniform that did it for him. That’s how the story of Danny and Kelly Quinn began at the police academy, but now the husband and wife team is finally working at the same detachment here in Truro. “We leave our relationship at home,” said Kelly, who is awaiting the birth of the couple’s second son. “When we come to work, we’re at work.” Kelly , who grew up in Truro, wanted to return to her roots and began working at the service in October 2008. Danny began working at the detachment in Kensington, P.E.I., in January that year, and transferred to Springhill two years later. He was hired on locally back in April, making the Quinns the service’s first married couple. “I am thrilled that Daniel and I have been able to settle in Truro, my hometown, and raise our children with our family close by,” said Kelly. “We are fortunate to have them help us out so much when it comes to our work schedules. It is great to stay close to home and able to give back to the community that provided me with so much.” For Danny, the move to Truro was always one of his goals. “Since being here, I know it is a place with great opportunity and I’m excited to set roots down in Truro. Both of us being police officers is great,” said Danny, a North Sydney native. “We have lots in common.” “It’s always been good,” added Kelly. “Being in the same profession, we learn off of each other.” Danny said the couple has double the experience, thanks to having the same careers. “Everything that happens to her, happens to me. We always talk about it, and vice versa.” The couple said things were a little different while the two were working in separate provinces (which saw Kelly travel back to the Island on her off days), but when it really came down to it, both were on patrol in their respective detachments. And with Danny’s interest in the law side of things, his research has helped his wife in her position. “There are times when we’re home that we talk about law often. It’s not all police” said Danny. Danny first joined the service in April, and later that month Kelly came off patrol and started with office duties. The couple has a two-year-old son, Parker, and is expecting the birth of a second child on Sept. 21. The Quinns don’t work the same patrol shift, however, some of their shifts could overlap due to emergencies and possibly even sick leave. Truro Police See First Married Couple On Force RAISSA TETANISH – ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN TRURO DAILY NEWS, AUGUST 19, 2014 Truro Police Service constables Danny and Kelly Quinn are the forces’ first married couple that the Chief and Deputy Chief can recall in the force’s history. The coule met in the police academy and was married in April 2011. Kelly joined the Truro Poilice Service in October 2008, while Danny was hired on this past April “They’re both excellent officers,” said Chief Dave MacNeil. “They’re very professional and you wouldn’t know that they know each other when they’re at work. They’re great, family oriented people and we’re ecstatic to have them here.” The chief said it is common in larger departments to have married couples working on the same force, but it is a first in Truro’s history that he’s aware of. Othe than twin cadets a few years ago, neither the Chief nor Deputy Chief could think of any other family ties. Because of their love for policing and the fact that they’re on the same force, Danny said it has strengthened the couple’s bond. “We know what the other goes through.” he said.”Especially with shift work, if one of us is coming off a night shift, we know they’re tired and we know what it’s like.” Laughing at the fact that they’re sometimes acknowledged as the Quinns instead of Danny and Kelly, the couple said their colleagues have been very supportive. “There’s been no negatives about it,” Danny said. On Twitter: @TDNRaissa