POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 53 PREPARED BY PENNY BAIN AND CHARMAINE SPENCER FOR FEDERAL/PROVINCIAL/TERRITORIAL MINISTERS RESPONSIBLE FOR SENIORS IN CANADA p3 factsheet 4 • Abused or neglected older adults have a 200% increased risk of early death.The stress of living in an abusive situation shortens older people’s lives by several years on average. Financial Effects Financial abuse can have a negative impact on older adults' health and wellbeing. Many older adults who experience financial abuse also face emotional abuse. Financial abuse can lead to ongoing distress and financial strain in the older person's life. Stolen or forged income cheques can leave a low-income senior without money for food, medications, or transportation. Financial abuse may involve loss of a home through deceit, loss of beloved personal assets through theft, or loss of money from improper use of a power of attorney. When abusers steal or control older adults' money or other property, older adults may have fewer resources to take care of their own health, housing, good nutrition, and activities. Social Effects The effects of abuse and neglect can carry from generation to generation. For example, grandchildren who witness such abuse may come to view negative behaviours toward older adults as acceptable and perpetuate disrespect. Abuse and neglect of older adults is not a private matter. It affects individuals, families, communities and ultimately society at large. Sources Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, “Health and Abuse.” BC Health Files “Health Effects of Abuse and Neglect of Older Adults.”