POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 45 p3 factsheet 2 please see other side Abuse is a Form of Family Violence Many forms of abuse and neglect of older adults are types of family violence. A 2004 national report on family violence that looked at police reports from across Canada found: • Adult children were involved in 38% of the family assaults against older adults. • Spouses were involved in 26% of the assaults against older adults. • Older men were more likely than older women to be victimized by an adult child. Older women were more likely than older men to experience violence at the hands of their spouse. • The most common type of senior abuse situations that come to the attention of the police involve younger seniors (between the ages of 65 and 69). • Common assault was the most frequent type of harm to older adults from family members that was reported to police. Common assault may involve hitting or attacking with minor or no injury. • However, four in 10 older adults who were victims of family violence suffered physical injuries. The report pointed out that the consequences of family violence can be very serious in some cases. Abuse situations often become worse over time. Older adults can die from family violence.The rates of family homicides against adults aged 65 and over have increased in the last decade. Continued