POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 43 p2 factsheet 2 please see next page neighbours, paid care providers, landlords and staff, or any individual in a position of power, trust, or authority. How Many Older Adults are Affected by Abuse or Neglect? Research on abuse of older adults is relatively new and limited in Canada and throughout the world. Abuse and neglect of older adults is often hidden and under-reported. In many cases, people may not recognize abuse and neglect of older adults when it is happening.They may not understand what it is. • Canadian research indicates that between 4 and 10% of older adults experience one or more forms of abuse or neglect at some point in their later years from someone they trust or rely on. Under-reporting and inconsistencies in collecting information on abuse suggest that these figures are “the tip of the iceberg.” • Some older adults may be more likely to experience abuse or neglect, including those who are isolated, and those who have mental or physical impairments. • It is estimated that between 168,000 and 421,000 seniors in Canada are experiencing or have experienced abuse or neglect in later life. DidYou Know? • About 80% of abuse or neglect of older adults is hidden or goes undetected. Only about one in five cases of abuse come to the attention of community agencies or authorities. • Abuse is not limited to older adults of any particular culture, ethnic group, social background, or religion. • Spousal abuse can “grow old.” It can start earlier in a relationship and continue into later life. • Older women are the victims in about two-thirds of the cases of abuse or neglect that come to the attention of community agencies. Continued