POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 113 Beware of stereotypes -both you and your parent need to be on guard against the myth that old age is an illness. This is far from true. Most seniors are well, active and mentally fit. Some changes normally occur as we age. For example, we experience a gradual need for more light, a decreased hearing range, changes in the sense of taste and smell, and a general decrease in the efficiency of the body’s organs and systems. Adapting to these changes is easier once we understand them. You may find yourself feeling trapped and guilty as you try to juggle the multiple demands, stresses and responsibilities of your new situation. This can threaten not only your health, but your marriage, job, relationship with your children, and financial security. Be on the lookout for signs of stress and burnout. Symptoms may include: depression, constant fatigue, poorconcentration, hostility, low self-esteem and / or physical illness. You may need to pay more attention to your own independence. Do not become too involved in your parents’ day-to-day activities at the expense of your own independence. Talk to them honestly and confidently about your needs and feelings while listening to and respecting what they have to say about theirs. Caregivers often lack role models. Joining a caregiver group where you can share ideas, information, concerns and support can be invaluable. A caregiver group can also help you develop skills such as assertiveness and stress management, and teach you how to express your feelings. Aging Parents. . . Continued CANADIAN MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE POUR LA SANTÉ MENTALE Building stronger communities. At BMO Bank of Montreal®, we take pride in our local communities. That’s why, each year, through various sponsorships and community involvement we are committed to providing our support. BMO Bank of Montreal is proud to support the Police Association of Nova Scotia. Proud to be a part of our community ® Registered trade-mark of Bank of Montreal. Life insurance Disability insurance RRSPs / RRIFs Long term care insurance Critical illness insurance Personal health insurance Mutual funds* RESPs* Tax-Free Savings Accounts Keith MacKay, B. Comm., CHS Advisor Member, Advocis Park Place III 237 Brownlow Avenue, Suite 150 Dartmouth, NS B3B 2C6 *Mutual funds offered by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc. Keith MacKay, B.Comm., CHS Tel: 902-449-2676 Fax: 902-481-0419