Police AssociAtion of novA scotiA 43 Bullying Awareness 40th Annua l Cr ime Preven t i on Gu i de 2010 PANS Truro's anti-bullying 'Cyber cop' wows minister, MLAs Scott Simpson Apr 08, 2011 05:31:10 AM Provincial politicians got a look at how one Nova Scotia police force is fighting cyberbullying, as officers from Truro brought a flashy touring show to Province House. Cyber, the "robot cop", is actually a regular human police officer inside a high-tech, six-foot-six-inch tall suit that looks like the love child of a Star Wars Storm Trooper and Japanese animation robot. "Hello, citizens," Cyber greeted the crowd at the legislature in a Darth Vader-like voice. "My name is Cyber." Cyber is part of a multimedia presentation used in the Truro area to teach online safety, which covers identity theft, and rules of conduct for electronic devices such as cell phones and instant messaging services. "Treat everyone as a stranger, especially online," he suggests. The police use a big-screen video starring TV's Jonathan Torrens, DJ lights, and music with a beat to engage kids up to grade six. Cyber then leads the kids - or, in Thursday's case, MLAs and other grownups - in a pledge to honour the code of conduct. "I promise to follow all the cyber rules," intoned Cyber, as MLAs dutifully repeated after him. Education minister Ramona Jennex, who recently announced the formation of a task force on cyberbullying was impressed with the high-energy show. "This is one of those pieces that we can use within the recommendations that will be coming forward," she said. "This is something that's in action right now. I'm really thrilled by the work they're doing." The minister says Truro police will be part of the task force, which is expected to deliver a report in December. Cyber Cop shows off at Province House, April 2011 Truro’s Cyber Cop teaches kids about online safety. As originally published on