Police AssociAtion of novA scotiA 37 Bullying Awareness 40th Annua l Cr ime Preven t i on Gu i de 2010 PANS PAnS in the news... Traffic checklist - Police and RCMP officers will be conducting checkpoints across the country this long weekend as part of Operation Impact. Officers were checking for daytime running lights and such motor vehicle infractions as not using seatbelts and cell phone use as well as impaired driving. Here, Const. David Bowman conducts a checkpoint Friday afternoon with some fellow officers from the New Glasgow station. As originally published in The News, by Sueann Musick, October 9, 2010. Drivers have a new lesson to learn this week just like all the students who are heading back to class. Effective Friday, a new provincial law doubles the fine for anyone caught speeding in a school zone. The minimum fine for exceeding the speed limit in a 50 zone stands at $225.21 if a driver is between one and 15km/h over the limit. With this new law that minimum fine would jump to $450.42. “There has been an issue with speed zones and school areas,” Const. Ken MacDonald of the New Glasgow Police Service said. “Speed kills, driver distraction kills.” “It (speed) can be very crucial if a child crosses or if a crossing guard gives a direction to stop...It’s in the interest of public safety that we protect our students and the staff members in the school zone area.” The law is similar to one the province enacted a couple of years ago which doubles speeding fines in construction areas. MacDonald said the speed limit is not changing, just the fines. “Fifty (km/h) has proven to be a key speed to be in control of your vehicle.” MacDonald added that school zone signs aren’t changing but new signs will be added to remind drivers of the new law. Another factor MacDonald wanted to remind drivers of is the basic fact that kids are going to be back on the streets in school zones after a summer of school zones being dormant. “Because of the summertime everyone is so used to kids not being in school. People may not think twice that school’s in.” FINES TO DOUBLE FOR SPEEDING IN SCHOOL ZONES As originally published in The News, by Ray Burns, September 1, 2010.