Police AssociAtion of novA scotiA 17 Pride was in the air TRURO - From serving meals at McDonalds to keeping the public safe, Colchester County residents were active participants in the recent Vancouver Olympics. “It gives me goosebumps even now thinking about it,” said Karen DeGroot, a constable with the Truro Police Service, who along with Truro police’s detective Const. Bruce Lake, offered their services during the Olympics with other policing representatives from throughout the country. “Pride was in the air.” The excitement and sense of patriotism remained throughout the Games and was evidenced in many forms, including a sea of red and white colours flaunted from one end of the city to the other. The sounds of the Olympics were just as impressive said Blake Green Walsh, who is an employee of the Robie Street McDonalds in Truro. Green Walsh was serving McDonalds to coaches, athletes and media at the Olypmics. “Some nights I couldn’t sleep it was so noisy because of the crowds in the streets,” said the Salmon River resident. “It was a tsunami of sound,” added Shubenacadie’s Glenna Andrews who bused the German men’s hockey team to their destinations. Truro’s Kathy Sutherland attended as a spectator, along with her husband Greg, and echoed the other Colchester County residents’ impressions. “You heard the crowds all through downtown Vancouver, especially when medals were won (by Canada).” Old Barns’ Murdo Ferguson, there as a physician, said it’s tough to truly capture the experience without being there. “There’s nothing like it. Seeing it live is different than watching it on TV,” said Ferguson. “You don’t appreciate the challenge of the athletes on TV. It’s amazing what they face and the city’s reaction to it. There are no words to describe it.” Truro Police Service’s Const. Karen DeGroot has many fond memories of policing at the Vancouver Olympics, including meeting NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin. Originally published March 9th, 2010 Monique Chiasson ~ The Truro Daily News Tim Hunter Pierre Collette Brian Gairns Scott White Francis Smith Ryan O’Toole Norman Bourque Amherst Police Department