POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 95 SYNOPSIS: Nova Scotia scored well for its minimum driving age. It scored poorly on its graduated licensing program, police enforcement powers, and alcohol interlock and vehicle impoundment programs. In addition, it needs to introduce a 24-hour suspension for unfitness, improve its short-term administrative licence suspension and introduce vehicle forfeiture. GRADEAND RANKING: Nova Scotia received a D+ and ranked eleventh in the 2006 Report, down six places from the 2003 Report. LICENSING: The minimum age of licensed driving in Nova Scotia is 16. Nova Scotia has a graduated licensing system which includes passenger and time-ofday restrictions, but no high-speed roadway restrictions. The minimum length of the program is two years and three months, during which learners and newly-licensed drivers are subject to a .00% BAC restriction. There is no BAC restriction on supervising drivers. Nova Scotia does not impose a .00% BAC limit on fully-licensed drivers under the age of 21 or in their first five years of driving. It is an offence for a learner or newly-licensed driver to have a BAC over .00% or to fail to provide a sample. Under Nova Scotia’s demerit point system, learners and newly-licensed drivers are subject to lower point thresholds than other drivers. POLICE ENFORCEMENT POWERS: The police do not have express statutory authority to demand that drivers stop their vehicle or to demand that drivers provide documentation. Nova Scotia does not give the police statutory authority to demand that a driver who they reasonably suspect has alcohol or drugs in his or her body participate in Standard Field Sobriety Testing. The police do not have authority to demand a breath, blood, saliva, or urine sample from a person reasonably suspected of having been a driver in a fatal or personal injury crash. LICENCE SUSPENSIONS AND REVOCATIONS: Nova Scotia legislation does not authorize police to suspend a driver’s licence for 24 hours because the driver is unfit to drive for reasons other than alcohol or drug impairment. The police in Nova Scotia are not authorized to issue a 7-14 day administrative licence suspension to a driver if they: (i) reasonably believe that (...Rating the Provinces continued) continued... CHART I: OVERALL RANKINGS AND GRADES JURISDICTION Manitoba 1st A- 1st B 4th C Ontario 2nd B 2nd B 1st C+ Newfoundland and Labrador 3rd B- 9t D+ 10th D+ Alberta 4th B- 7th C- 6th C- Saskatchewan 5th B- 4th C 5th C- Northwest Territories 6th B- 12th D- 12th F Yukon 7th C+ 6th C- 9th D+ British Columbia 8th C+ 8th D+ 2nd C+ Québec 9th C 3rd C+ 7th CPrince Edward Island 10th D+ 11th D+ 8th D+ Nova Scotia 11th D+ 5th C 3rd C New Brunswick 12th D 10th D+ 11th D Nunavut 13th F 13th F N/A N/A RANKINGS AND GRADES 2006 2003 2000