POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 91 Rating The Provinces And Territories: continued... EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • MADD Canada has released this comprehensive study to provide the provinces and territories with information on realistic and effective measures that will reduce impaired driving in their jurisdiction. Rating The Provinces And Territories: The 2006 Report Card serves as the basis for MADD Canada’s ongoing discussions with the provincial and territorial governments on the critical role that they can play in reducing impaired driving. • A legislative summary was prepared for each province and territory. The summaries examined four subject areas: licensing; police enforcement powers; licence suspensions and revocations; and vehicle sanctions and remedial programs. • Jurisdictions were rated against The 2006 Rating Scale. It was based on the comprehensive review of the traffic safety research undertaken in preparing three recent MADD Canada documents, namely: The 2003 MADD Canada Model; Youth and Impaired Driving in Canada: Opportunities for Progress; and Alcohol, Trauma and Impaired Driving, 3rd ed. All three background documents have been published and are also available on MADD Canada’s website. • The 2006 Rating Scale identified traffic safety measures that hold the greatest promise for substantial reductions in impaired driving. It also served as the basis for the assessments of the provincial and territorial legislative summaries that were conducted by two independent traffic safety research experts. • As in the past, The 2006 Rating Scale reflects the following underlying principles: -Obtaining and holding a licence is a privilege and not a right; -Traffic authorities must be empowered to take action to prevent tragedies, not just react after the event by sanctioning those responsible; -The police need broader investigatory authority to efficiently detect impaired drivers and obtain admissible evidence; -Administrative proceedings are far more expedient, efficient and inexpensive than penal sanctions, and more appropriate for the regulatory issues relating to the The 2006 Report Card A Comprehensive Review of Provincial and Territorial Impaired Driving Laws Manitoba AOntario B Newfoundland and Labrador BAlberta BSaskatchewan BNorthwest Territories BYukon C+ British Columbia C+ Quebec C Prince Edward Island D+ Nova Scotia D+ New Brunswick D Nunavut F