POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 7 From the Publisher Ma r k e t i n g S e r v i c e s ( A t l . ) L t d . “Providing quality, professional marketing and fund raising services on behalf of high-profile, non-profit organizations.” This guide was proudly assembled and published by Fenety Marketing Services, with the help and co-operation of the Police Association of Nova Scotia. w w w . f e n e t y . c o m 1-800-561-4422 This 38th Annual Police Association of Nova Scotia Crime Prevention Guide focuses on the topic of Impaired Driving. Each year, PANS publishes these Crime Prevention Guides as a result of financial contributions from both residents of the province and business owners. With their generous support of our annual campaign, PANS is able to give back to their communities through donations to various local charities and youth-oriented programs, in an effort to keep our youth from experiencing the negative effects of many of the topics discussed in these annual guides. On behalf of PANS, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every contributor to our 2008 Telephone Appeal, which allowed us to publish this Crime Prevention Guide. This unique publication is distributed free-of-charge each year to schools, libraries and public facilities, and it is also available online at the PANS Guide website, making it easily accessible to everyone. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome regarding these publications, and we look forward to speaking with you again this year during our Annual Telephone Appeal. Sincerely, Mark T. Fenety President Fenety Marketing Services