POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 83 • express police powers to stop vehicles, establish sobriety checkpoints, and demand field sobriety testing from suspected alcohol and/or drug impaired drivers; • strengthening the existing short-term roadside licence suspension programs for drivers with BACs of .05% or higher, to include a 7-14 day licence suspension, a $150 - $300 licence reinstatement fee, the recording of the suspension on the driverʼs record, and mandatory remedial measures for repeat violations; and • mandatory alcohol interlock, vehicle impoundment and forfeiture, and remedial programs. Manitoba scored the highest grade in the study with an A -. At the time of the studyís release, MADD Canada lauded Manitoba for its introduction of new legislative reforms including a five-year, zero-BAC for new drivers. Full details of the comprehensive study and its recommendations, including a podcast interview with study co-author Professor Robert Solomon, can be found on Visit: For further information, call: Susan MacAskill, MADD Canadaʼs Atlantic Region Manager 1-866-798-6233 Professor Robert Solomon, MADD Canada Legal Affairs Director (and co-author of Rating the Provinces: The 2006 Report Card) (519) 661-3603 Please! donʼt drink and drive... (...MADD continued)