POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 19 Local Police Officers Honoured 28 LOCAL OFFICERS RECEIVE LONG-SERVICE AWARDS IN HALIFAX By Jennifer Vardy Little STELLARTON – It was Oct. 14, 1971. It wasn’t a day that went down in history, but it’s a moment in time that inspector Hugh Muir will never forget. For weeks before, he’d sat in the passenger seat of a police cruiser, watching and learning from an experienced officer. But on that day 37 years ago, Muir sat in the driver’s seat and headed out on the streets of Toronto by himself. “I remember it was a very busy day – nothing really of consequence, but it was a day of pride for me,” Muir recalled. “There I was, a young fellow from a small town in Nova Scotia, driving around on my own in the big Several Pictou County officers were honoured Tuesday in Halifax by the justice minister. Some of the 25-year award recipients include, from left, in front: Westville Police Chief Don Hussher, Stellarton Inspector Hugh Muir and New Glasgow Police Chief Delaney Chisholm. In the middle row are: New Glasgow Sgt. Duane Rutledge, Westville Sgt. Robert Stewart and Trenton Police Chief Bob White. In the back are: Westville Sgt. Howard Dunbar, Westville Const. Robert Chisholm and Trenton Const. Hughie Palmer. CNS Photo “These inaugural awards recognize our longest-serving members who deserve our support and thanks for their public service.” Premier Rodney MacDonald streets of Toronto. I’d driven around before, but it was the first time I was in charge of the vehicle and making all the decisions and couldn’t look across the seat to a senior man or woman and ask what they’d do.” Back then, police officers only had to be five foot 10 and have a Grade 12 education. Now, of course, that’s all changed, Muir said, where the emphasis is more on brains than brawn. Trenton Police Chief Bob White was one of a dying breed of officers who joined the police force by walking in off the street. It’s something that would never happen today, but previously, they’d be hired first and trained later. Police work has changed over the years as well, says the 38-year veteran officer. Over the past few decades, scientific innovations like DNA have opened new doors, while co-operation between agencies has changed the scope of the job. “There’s a lot more co-operation and support now,” says White. “Between departments, between children’s aid, victim’s services, the court – and many more. Years ago, you didn’t share that information, like you do today. That’s what gets the job done today.” On Tuesday, Muir and White were among 28 Pictou County police officers to receive long-service awards at a ceremony in Halifax. “These inaugural awards recognize our l o n g e s t - s e r v i n g members who deserve our support and thanks for their public service,” said Premier Rodney MacDonald. The provincial program recognized officers who have served in the province for 15 and 25 straight years. It also represents years of dedication said New Glasgow Police Chief Delaney Chisholm, who has 35 years of service. “It’s certainly a privilege to be honoured for long service by the province,” said Chisholm. “You don’t get into police with the aspiration of getting a medal – you do it with the hope that you can help people, just make some little difference in society.” And the recipients are… 15-YEAR RECIPIENTS: New Glasgow Police Service Sergeant Blair Bannerman Sergeant Stephen Joseph Chisholm Corporal Stephen J. Curley Constable Frederick Gordon Rutledge Sergeant Kevin Thomas Scott Stellarton Police Service Sergeant Paul Douglas Pentz Trenton Police Service Constable Bruce MacPhee Sergeant Walter Smith Westville Police Service Constable Kenneth Robert Paquet Constable George Arthur Phillips 25-YEAR RECIPIENTS: New Glasgow Police Service Chief James Delaney Chisholm Sergeant Joseph Anthony DiPersio Deputy Chief Eric Roy MacNeil Sergeant Donald Sifton McDavid Sergeant Duane Malcolm Rutledge Stellarton Police Service Sergeant Wayne M. Crane Chief Ambrose James Heighton Inspector Hugh Robert Muir Sergeant G. Wayne Pembleton Trenton Police Service Constable Hughie J. Palmer Sergeant John D. Walsh Chief Robert G. White Westville Police Service Constable Robert Anthony Chisholm Sergeant Howard James Dunbar Chief Donald Edward Hussher Constable Kelly Wayne Oickle Sergeant Robert Wayne Stewart “You don’t get into police work with the aspiration of getting a medal – you do it with the hope that you can help people, just make some little difference in society.” New Glasgow Police Chief Delaney Chisholm Originally Published Friday, October 24, 2008 The News