POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 99 GOVERNMENT OF NOVA SCOTIA ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND PUBLIC WORKS (TO OCT. 23 2007) FEBRUARY 27, 2007 10:09 AM Young men will be asked to give drinking and driving a sober second thought the next time they go to a movie theatre or bar in Nova Scotia. A new road safety campaign was launched today, Feb. 27, with an emphasis on educating young men about the dangers of this behaviour. Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Transportation and Public Works, said male drivers aged 20 to 25 account for a disproportionately high percentage of drinking and driving casualties in Nova Scotia. "The campaign is aimed at saving lives and preventing injuries due to drinking and driving," said Mr. MacIsaac. "It will play a part in a larger strategy to make our province a better place." Movie theatre advertising was selected because about 75 per cent of men aged 20 to 25 attend a movie at least once per month. The campaign will also reach the target audience in bars and universities. The campaign is funded by the departments of Transportation and Public Works and Health Promotion and Protection. "Drinking and driving is dangerous and irresponsible," said Barry Barnet, Minister of Health Promotion and Protection. "It is my hope that this campaign will help young men make the right decision when it comes to drinking and driving and decrease the suffering caused by fatalities and preventable injuries." Murray Scott, Minister of Justice, said police made a major contribution to the campaign by providing time and resources to its development. "Law enforcement officers are on the front lines in the fight to stop impaired driving," said Mr. Scott. "I'd like to thank representatives from the law enforcement community for their important contribution to the development of this campaign." The ads were developed by Halifax-based Extreme Group. A 37-second ad will play before movies on 55 movie screens across the province over the next five weeks. The ad will be shown on nine video screens at Nova Scotia universities during the same time period. A poster advertisement will be placed on 125 mini boards in bars across the province. Mr. MacIsaac said this is the first phase of a campaign to create increased awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving, and other important road safety issues. The campaign ads can be seen on the Department of Transportation and Public Works website at