POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 41 New Glasgow Police Services has invested in new safety lifelines for all marked patrol cars, five in total. The lifelines cost roughly $50 a piece but can “add precious seconds or minutes as a first responder to saving a victim,” says Const. Ken MacDonald of New Glasgow Police Services. Police are usually the first responders to a scene and since New Glasgow has the East River running through it, New Glasgow Police Services took the initiative to be proactive and purchase the lifelines in the event that someone falls into the river or through the ice, which can be very unstable due to the tides. The lifelines are “well worth the money as an extra tool for patrol officers,” said MacDonald. The lifelines vary in size, from 80 feet to more than 100 feet long. They can be deployed by a single officer (trained on how to use the device) who may have spotted someone in danger and is awaiting aid from fire and rescue, the ultimate team to respond to such a situation. The rope is slipped around the wrist of the officer and then the orange bag is tossed to the victim in the water. The victim must be conscious in order to grab the bag, wrap the strap around their wrist, and be pulled into safety. The bag also has a soft end on it so that it can act as a flotation device, but also not cause injury to the victim if they are struck with the bag. The lifelines increase the chance of a successful rescue and New Glasgow Police Services are the first police service in Pictou County to obtain these life-saving devices. ( As originally published Pictou Advocate, January 9, 2008 By DEBBIE HARVIE Police put lifelines in vehicles Const. Ken MacDonald and Const. Nicole Martin holding the new 100-foot lifeline, a recent addition to every marked New Glasgow Police Services patrol car. (Harvie Photo)