POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 133 adult material or objectionable words. It often comes "bundled" with the other programs loaded on new PCs. In this category are products such as Surfwatch, Cyber Patrol, Cybersitter and NetNanny. • Commercial Online Service Blocking Features: Most Internet service providers now offer their customers filtering software. These features are easy to use and part of the regular menu of options offered to users. • Web-based PICS filtering: Many "browsers" – the software used to access the World Wide Web – now allow parents to block access to certain material using web site rating systems. Products such as Net Shepherd, RSACi, and SafeSurf classify sites according to their content and will only allow access to sites rated "child-friendly." These filtering technologies are just tools and are not meant to be substitutes for parental guidance. It is virtually impossible to monitor and rate the millions of new web sites cropping up each month. Much of the software is difficult and time-consuming to configure. Most can be defeated and those which can't are so restrictive they may block a lot of worthwhile material. Great Kids' Sites For a great starting point on the Web, check out these sites which provide hundreds of safe, kid-friendly links: Canadian Kids Page ( Berit's Best Sites for Children ( Yahooligans ( ..and for a fun way to teach your child about Internet safety, download Privacy Playground: An Adventures of the Three Little CyberPigs – a multi-media game from the Media Awareness Network. ( Online house rules for kids Copy the following handout for kids on Internet use. Read through the rules with your family and then post them near your computer for easy reference. I will not give out any personal information online without my parents' permission. This includes my name, phone number, address, email, location of my school, my parents' work address/telephone numbers and credit card numbers. • I will always use a pretend name or nickname when using the Internet. • When creating a password I will make one up that is hard to guess but easy for me to remember. To avoid having it stolen, I will never reveal it to anyone. • I will not respond to any message that makes me uncomfortable. I will log off and tell an adult right away. • I will arrange to meet a friend I have made on the Internet ONLY if one of my parents has been informed and will be present. • I will not send an insulting or rude message to anyone online. This is called "flaming" and is not good Netiquette. • I will not disable any filtering software my parents have put on the computer. • I will not believe everything I read on the Internet. I will always check the source of the information and confirm it with my teacher, parent or librarian. (...Managing the Internet continued)