POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 11 of a police career that has spanned well over 50 years, there was still no deviation from the course. How many of us truly realize the contributions that Joe has made to policing in Nova Scotia and even in Canada? Were it not for his efforts, many of our police officers would not enjoy the security of a decent pension plan, and a better-than-average medical, dental and life insurance plan. As well, those of us who have experienced the support of the Employee Assistance Plan may have been hard pressed to find such support elsewhere. Even the Annual Crime Prevention Guide that you are reading would most likely not have come into existence but for Joe's vision and leadership. Perhaps, all his other achievements notwithstanding, it may well be argued that police officers in Nova Scotia, after years and years of lobbying, finally were able to replace the "right to strike" with binding arbitration. No longer will police officers in this province be forced onto a picket line to obtain fair compensation and decent benefits, and for this fact alone, we all owe Joe a major vote of thanks. Most of us realize that Joe's efforts were not limited to Nova Scotia, however, you may not all be aware of the degree to which Joe's financial acumen served the CPA in its business partnerships with CBU Publications and the CI Labour Sponsored Venture Capital Fund; two organizations that have played major roles in providing the CPA with financial strength and stability. Whatever honours may have been bestowed upon Joe throughout his career, perhaps his greatest reward has been his induction into the Canadian Police Association Hall of Honour. This achievement is truly an honour and represents a sincere "thank you" from the legions of police officers, past and present, who have achieved a standard of living and a standard of professionalism that would have been all but impossible to imagine had it not been for Joe Ross. For all that he has accomplished personally, Joe never lost sight of the fact that no one person can accomplish meaningful goals without the support of his or her comrades. In his thank-you remarks after being inducted into the Canadian Police Association Hall of Honour, Joe admonished the delegates in attendance to keep in mind that “You can do nothing alone. Your family, your friends and your colleagues make you what you are. Don't ever forget that." Joe lives his life dedicated to this belief, and we would all be well advised to keep this advice uppermost in our minds and hearts as we progress through our careers and our personal lives. Joe may be gone from our ranks, but we will never be gone from his heart. We can best express our appreciation for all that he has done by carrying on the great works that he played such a major role in starting and nurturing, and by doing so in concert with our fellow officers and friends. This may be the end of an era, but the torch has been thrown to us to carry on. We have come light years over Joe's fifty-two years in the police profession, but the struggle never ends. It is up to all of us to see that we continue into the future with the same degree of dedication and honour that we have been taught by Joe Ross, a man among men and a police officer with few, if any, peers. Joe Ross - a man of passion, ideals, dedication, and achievements. Mr. Joe Ross (left) displaying his Award of Honour, and Mr. Dave Camp, a lifelong friend, at the Canadian Police Association Hall of Honour Award Ceremony. Left to right: Cst. Derrah Reid (1st Vice-President of PANS), Mr. Joe Ross, and Cst. Wade Keddy (Secretary-Treasurer of PANS) attended the Canadian Police Associationʼs Hall of Honour Ceremony for Mr. Ross. (...J.W. “Joe” Ross continued)