POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 89 saying they didn’t like the questions about who visits the site and how much money Renee makes. But if you think what Renee does is shocking, you haven't seen the half of it. A year ago, Ashley Rose, then 14, and her friend Amber, then 17, were among more than 50 underage girls on a website called For $20 a month, members gained access to thousands of pictures. “I was always interested in modeling,” says Amber. “But I just figured maybe as a way to get my face out there and start pursuing my modeling dreams.” The pictures were “glamour shots,” she says. At its peak, the site had thousands of paying members and brought in an estimated $60,000 a month. Ashley Rose and Amber were cashing in, too. For Web cam chats, they made $20 an hour. For photo shoots, they made $65 an hour. And like every parent who had a daughter on the site, Ashley’s mother Robin signed a consent form giving Ashley permission to become a "True Teen Babe." “I thought it was silly myself,” Robin says of the site. “I mean, several times I would say 'What are people paying?' I think the members were really lonely, it seems like it was their chance to talk to a model, to talk to a beautiful girl. It was very innocent.” But then "48 Hours" showed Robin pictures that were taken for the web site of Ashley wearing lingerie, and a thong. Robin was troubled by the photos. “I haven't seen a lot of these,” she says. Ashley admits that in those photos she is close to being nude, “but I'm not naked. And to be naked, that's porn, pornography. So I didn't do that,” says Ashley. But the county sheriff disagreed about some of Ashley's and other girls' pictures, and said the site was illegal. Although Ashley argued that the web site that she appeared on was not pornographic, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office disagreed. Last April they shut down the site and charged its owner and photographer, James Grady, with 880 counts of violating a specific Colorado statute against the Sexual Exploitation of Children. Grady is now in jail awaiting trial. Mike Miller and Andy Contiguglia, Grady’s attorneys, say Colorado authorities have gone too far. More provocative material is out there, they say, much of it commercially available in books and magazines, and isn’t being prosecuted in Colorado. Plus, they argue, all the models had parental consent. Sheriff Grayson Robinson is emphatic: “The young ladies involved were less than 18 years of age. They were put in a position to display their bodies. They wore rather flimsy, see-through material. Yet the body part was still exposed." Robin, Ashley's mother, defends her participation in the site by saying she was only trying to help her daughter become a professional model. But the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City, which represents nearly 300 teenage and child models, says they don’t surf the Web looking for models. Robin now regrets allowing her daughter to model for the site. And Ashley has since hired a professional manager, who landed her a part in an independent film. But the business of underage internet modeling continues, with sites that feature very young, pre-teen girls in provocative poses and clothing. (...cont’d) (cont’d...)