POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 7 From the Publisher Ma r k e t i n g S e r v i c e s ( A t l . ) L t d . “Providing quality, professional marketing and fund raising services on behalf of high-profile, non-profit organizations.” This guide was proudly assembled and published by Fenety Marketing Services, with the help and co-operation of the Police Association of Nova Scotia. 1-800-561-4422 The topic of this year’s publication has to be among the worst topics that we have ever focused on in all the years of publishing the Police Association of Nova Scotia’s Annual Crime Prevention Guide. We hope that this publication helps to enlighten those not familiar with this tragic subject by exposing the existence of a very real societal problem… Child Pornography. At one time, Child Pornographers traded hard copy photos and literature, but now, as a result of technology, they are taking advantage of easy Internet access into our very homes, making it easier for them to prey upon our children. The frequency of offences is also increasing as we constantly hear in the news of more and more predators being caught, and for everyone that is caught, unfortunately many are not. It is an alarming problem and one of the real dangers lurking on today’s Information Highway. However, as these sick predators do use the Internet to lure their prey, the Internet is also being used by dedicated law enforcement professionals to help identify offenders. Special Law Enforcement Task Forces and Internet Safety Groups that are proactively working to end the sexual abuse of children are to be commended for their vigilance and for the courage and strength that is required of them to carry out their mandates. Please take the time to review the material that we’ve assembled in our 36th Annual Crime Prevention Guide, however, be aware that the information contained herein is merely a fraction of the resources available on this tragic subject. We welcome your comments or suggestions concerning our publication, and wish to thank all the citizens and business community members of Nova Scotia who help make this annual publication possible. Education awareness, and awareness is the first step to finding solutions. Respectfully, Mark Fenety President Fenety Marketing Services