POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 85 Feds Nail Another Top Tenner It took authorities from two countries and a lot of teamwork, but today, one fewer accused pedophile is out on the streets. It's all thanks to one alert citizen and quick, cooperative police work. The fall of this top tenner began in mid-April 2007 when a friend of Goldberg's received a call from the fugitive himself. The friend instantly alerted the authorities, telling them that Goldberg was hiding out in Montreal. Unfortunately, that's all the information they had. Then, on May 11th, an anonymous tipster in Montreal heard an interesting story from a friend. That friend worked as a non-profit counselor who had a very intriguing client. That client, who went by the name Terry Wayne Kearns, admitted that he was a fugitive from justice from the United States but said the charges against him were trumped up. The counselor told the friend who went to the internet for more information. She logged on the the FBI's website and found who she thought Terry Wayne Kearns really was: Richard Goldberg. The tipster told the counselor of her findings and the next time the counselor met with Kearns, the question was posed: "Are you Richard Goldberg?" Kearns said he was. A Multi-Jurisdictional Takedown This tipster alerted the authorities who knew, based on earlier information, that this tip sounded strong. The FBI agent in Ottawa contacted Interpol Ottawa, as well as the Montreal Police SWAT team and the Canadian Border Services Agency to descend on Richard Goldberg. At 1 a.m. EST, authorities found Goldberg who readily admitted his true identity. Fingerprints later confirmed that they had, in fact, nabbed the FBI top tenner. Richard Goldberg is now being held on a provisional warrant and US authorities are anxious to get him back to the states. But it could take several days. Goldberg had a hearing on May 14, 2007. The Canadian court system gives Goldberg seven days to make an appeal. However, there's no doubt he'll be heading back to the states eventually and the FBI says they'll travel to Canada to secure Goldberg in an effort to make sure his extradition goes as smoothly as possible. A Dangerous Child Predator Who Targets Neighborhood Children Long Beach, California police say Richard Goldberg molested six young girls under ten years old from January through May of 2001. They say that he took pictures of himself with the young girls and stored them on his computer. Police fear Goldberg may have disseminated the pornography via the internet. Police say Goldberg gained the trust of the neighborhood parents, then became a babysitter and "friend" to the kids in the area. Cops say the single man made his home a magnet for children. His backyard had swings and a cage with rabbits and ducks. Inside the house, Goldberg had children's computer games, kid's music, art supplies and even children's soap. He would provide free babysitting to the children and gave them freedom to come over to his house anytime. Running Home To Mommy Police say that Goldberg was "found out" on May 11, 2001. That's when cops say two young girls playing on Goldberg's computer saw an image of two of their young friends naked with their next door neighbor. A full investigation was launched and six neighborhood kids reported being sexually assaulted by Goldberg. Agents discovered several pieces of child pornography on his computer, including photos of Goldberg himself, engaged in sex acts with children. Police searched Goldberg's home in June 2001 and seized his computer -- Goldberg immediately fled. In early July, after finding evidence on the computer, police issued an arrest warrant. Cops know Goldberg fled home to his parents in Rumson, New Jersey after leaving Long Beach. But his trail ends there. Goldberg is now back in the U.S., in custody, where he stands accused of molesting six young girls and producing child pornography. One of FBI’s Top Ten Wanted Arrested in Canada! Captured May 12, 2007