POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 79 Jonathan Jay Paul of Sulphur Springs, Tex., is charged with possession of child porn. Paul is expected to appear in a Brockville court today. In a similar but separate incident Thursday, border guards at the same crossing found alleged child porn literature during another inspection of a commercial vehicle. OPP plan to do a forensic audit of the laptop found in the truck. Thomas Victor Pirnie, 58, of Glens Falls, New York, is charged with possession of child porn. He is also charged under the Customs Act with failing to report goods, possession of prohibited material and smuggling. Pirnie remains in custody. Halifax man will be sentenced in May on child porn charge Chronicle Herald A 41-year-old Halifax man caught last year with child pornography will be sentenced in the spring. John Francis MacDonald pleaded guilty in Nova Scotia Supreme Court on Thursday to one count of possession of child pornography. The heavy-set man, dressed in khakis and a blue-collared shirt, appeared nervous as he stood beside his lawyer, Peter Mancini. His voice cracked as he entered the plea before Justice Arthur Pickup. Halifax Regional Police received a tip about Mr. MacDonald on April 25/06 from an undercover officer with the Virginia Beach Police Department in the United States. The officer was posing as an underage girl on the Internet when Mr. MacDonald suggested they hook up. As a result, police in Halifax got a warrant to search Mr. MacDonald’s apartment at 542 Herring Cove Rd. They seized a number of images from Mr. MacDonald’s computer on Sept. 7. Now that there’s a guilty plea, Crown attorney Craig Botterill says the focus is the May 23 sentencing. "Under the new regulations, he will have to go to jail; it will just be a matter of how long," Mr. Botterill said. Child porn warrant thrown out A P.E.I. judge has thrown out a warrant used by the RCMP to search the home of man accused of possessing child pornography. The decision means any evidence gathered during the search of Elmer Graham's residence can't be used during his trial. An earlier court ruling also prevents the Crown from using Graham's credit card information. Hacker helps put judge in prison for child porn Canadian whiz acted as 'vigilante' to find dozens of predators Randy Boswell and Gary Dimmock, The Ottawa Citizen, February 23, 2007, Nearly a decade after he began his career as a teenage "vigilante hacker," a Canadian computer whiz says it was "definitely satisfying" to learn this week that his most high-profile target -- a disgraced California judge - - has finally been sentenced in a landmark child- pornography case that sparked widespread legal debate over the actions of "Citizen Tipster" Bradley Willman. Ronald Kline, 66, a former Superior Court judge from Irvine, California, offered a "life time of apologies" before collapsing in a Los Angeles courtroom on Tuesday after learning he faces 27 months in federal prison for possessing more than 100 illicit images of children -- files exposed to police by Mr. Willman through a "Trojan Horse" computer virus he used to identify dozens of child-porn predators across North America. Now 26, the Langley, B.C., resident says he's still proud of "doing my own thing to help people out. It was a lot better than ignoring what was going on." But he acknowledged a bittersweet reaction to the end of a case that also ended his crusade to ferret out some of North America's worst child-porn offenders. "In some ways," Mr. Willman said in an interview yesterday, his pursuit of Mr. Kline "was a lot more trouble than it was worth" because it put him out of business as a citizen crime-fighter. "It's good that it's finally come to a resolution after all these years," he said. "It's definitely satisfying that he got caught. I just kind of wish it had gone in a different way. I was told by police that what I did was illegal and that if I continued, they would have to charge me. So there was no option." Investigators and anti-porn advocates have praised Mr. Willman. But his vigilante exploits led a U.S. district court in 2003 to toss out the charges against Mr. Kline, ruling that the B.C. teenager was essentially acting as an agent of police and gathering evidence illegally. (cont’d...) (...cont’d)