POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 65 The creation and distribution of child pornography, once a backroom industry, has been radically transformed by computer and digital technology. Hardware such as digital cameras, video cameras and Webcams combined with sophisticated software and an Internet connection increases exponentially the sheer volume of available product even while it creates instantaneous access to that product. In the borderless world that is the Internet, child pornography has become a truly global industry. Cheap admission to a vast, unregulated international marketplace represents a stunning benefit for purveyors of child pornography. First, since their work is illegal, it has been, by definition, clandestine. Second, the rate at which this technology can be adapted and improved effectively guarantees that the race to apprehend these criminals will be rigorous, intense and ongoing. International policing efforts over the past decade confirm that the worldwide volume of child pornography is extensive. Third, the Internet currently provides purveyors with a degree of anonymity. Consumers of child pornography also enjoy anonymity as an online benefit. The Internet creates opportunities for consumers to seek and find not only a product, but also a supportive community. In numbers, there is not only safety but shared information. How does child pornography pose a risk to Canada's youth and children? Indirectly, the widespread presence of child pornography on the Internet confirms the existence of an organized and mobilized community of predators who regard the sexualized imagery of kids as instrumental to the satisfaction of their sexual appetites. The ready availability of online imagery promises to affirm and possibly increase these appetites. More directly, child pornography may also serve as a tool in the arsenal of sexual predators who are engaged in the business of "grooming" and "luring" child victims. Here, examples of child pornography may serve as proof to their prey that child sexuality is "normal." Predators are also known to solicit photos from children and youth. These photos may then become an irretrievable part of an international library of child pornography. As always, the responsibility rests with adults to educate children about these dangers and to be proactive about supervising the Internet activities of children and youth. Child Pornography Industry Canada industrie Canada