POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 63 Look into the eyes of a child who has been sexually abused and you'll see pain - a pain that endures long after the bruises have healed. This pain is compounded by child molesters who create images of the sexual abuse and share them with other child molesters. They trade them in chat rooms and post them on thousands of Web sites. These people are making money from the pain of children. Help stop these dangerous criminals. If you see child pornography, report it. Please help make sure those responsible get the punishment they deserve. Just as the Internet has played an integral part in the resurgence of child pornography and child sexual exploitation, the Internet has also now become the leading-edge tool in its demise. It is a never-ending battle that is being fought by increasing numbers of law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and Internet support groups. Together, the battle can be won. The following section contains a minute sampling of information and resources available on the Internet, including tips to avoid your children from becoming victims of exploitation, some of the numerous organizations striving to eradicate the problem, and news stories. As part of a public service campaign to help raise public consciousness and stop the growth of child pornography online, has granted permission of the use of the front cover image to the Police Association of Nova Scotia. If you see child pornography, Report it … Don’t Support It!