POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 57 Halloween just isn't what it used to be but, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sure there's the fireworks, the eggs. There's toilet paper and dish soap - all the standards, but the pranksters appear to be diminishing in number. Some police in the county are reporting one of the mildest-mannered October 31sts on record. "In my 14 years, I have never seen anything like it," said Cpl. Al Affleck of the Pictou County RCMP. Aside from a minor incident in Thorburn, both the town of Pictou and the county were quiet as a mouse after trick-ortreaters went in for the night. There were only a few bad eggs. It was the same in Trenton, said Chief Bob White. "It was excellent, actually - very quiet.” "No charges were laid and the kids were moving along - the main concern was groups of kids hanging in different areas, but they dispersed when we asked them to." The only Halloween-related incident happened around 11p.m., White said, a fireworks-related incident. Westville also reported a slow night - lots of trick-ortreaters but no charges. In Stellarton, Police Chief Amby Heighton said by 10p.m., it was pretty much over. New Glasgow was a slightly different story, said Const. Ken MacDonald. At least 12 charges have been laid against youth in the town, while other incidents, including reports of someone firing either a pellet or a paint gun are under investigation at present. New Glasgow police confiscated the usual Halloween toolbox - three cartons of eggs, dozens of unlit fireworks, a paint gun, an empty bottle which smells of paint thinner, cans of paint. But when you count the good spooks from the bad, only "zero point five per cent out of a hundred," are the people causing the problems, MacDonald said. Overall, he said trick-or-treaters were respectful, they went in groups. Or, if they were alone, they went with a parent. Few had a problem donning a glow stick or a strip of reflective tape, which police handed out over the course of the evening. By 9:30p.m., even the big kids had made their way home. BY SEAN KELLY THE NEWS Eerily quiet for Halloween? As originally published According to police it was one of the quietest Halloweens in years Sean Kelly The News Const. Fred MacEwan of the New Glasgow Police Service with some of the items confiscated from Halloween pranksters Tuesday evening.