POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 53 PICTOU COUNTY: All of the crime prevention associations in the county have combined to become the Pictou County Municipalities Crime Prevention Association. Chaired by Bob McCauley, the newly formed PCMCPA is prepared to step up and stamp out crime. The new group was launched at a gathering at the North Nova Education Centre in New Glasgow on Oct. 3, where police chiefs for all forces and town officials were present. Mr. McCauley said the group is the beginning of a new era for the county. "Many crime prevention groups have come and gone over the years in Pictou County but now we gather as one in a spirit of cooperation and partnership. We stand collectively on the shoulders of those people who have gone before us.” Jim Ellsworth, the Atlantic Regional Manager of the National Crime Prevention Association, said he hopes community residents become involved for the long run. "Crime prevention is not something that is static, it is something that is evolving all the time," he said. Mr. McCauley says he is confident the new association will meet the needs of the community if a joint effort is taken. "Often the question is asked, 'where does the government's responsibility to the community end and the community's responsibility to itself begin?' It's not always an easy question to answer but I think that most of us realize the system works best when we have a partnership that consists of the private sector, the government, non-profit groups and the community all pulling together towards a common goal." Mr. McCauley credits a lot of a community's safety to its police services. ''A major conflict bordering on a civil war continues to rage in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is a fine line that distinguishes Baghdad, Iraq, from Pictou County. A fine line that distinguishes between anarchy and democracy, that fine line is a thin blue line that represents the police services that serve and protect," he said. ''Those people get up every day and put on the uniform and step out into the street to walk that fine line between anarchy and democracy to ensure the residents of Pictou County the quality of life they so richly enjoy.” Mr. Ellsworth agreed police services do make a difference and reminded everyone not to see the cup as half empty. "The public is constantly reminded that crime is all around us, it presents itself in many ways, it costs a lot, and with that constant reminder that crime is all around us, it's very easy to forget that crime prevention does make a difference," he said. "It affects the lives of real people, it keeps people out of the criminal justice system and protects people who might otherwise become victims." The launch at NNEC will be the first step to a proactive approach to crime prevention, and members of the towns and police departments were on hand to lend their support. Lorne Smith, Chief of New Glasgow Police Services, said he is excited to work hand in hand with the other forces and with all residents. "It's important to know that the police is the community and the community is the police,” he said. Pictou County District RCMP S/Sgt. Ross Landry is proud of the work accomplished by the police services and officials to offer this new program. "It’s not an easy task to bring everybody to the table and all leave with a common vision and a common goal but we did it. We are only as strong as the community allows us to be, and we are strong. Our goal is to make a difference and we are all committed to that and as a member of the RCMP, I am proud to be part of this initiative." A proclamation was signed by all chiefs and Staff Sergeant Landry to officially pledge their support to the PCMCPA. By Abby Cameron - Oct. 11, 06 The Pictou Advocate Crime prevention groups unite As originally published Const. Ken MacDonald watches over New Glasgow Police Service Chief Lorne Smith as he signs a proclamation to amalgamate the county’s crime prevention associations into one county wide group. Westville Chief Don Hussher, RCMP Staff Sergeant Ross Landry and Trenton Chief Don White all signed the proclamation. (Cameron photo)