POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 47 The Grade Primaries, in single file, sang their way back to Acadia Street School during yesterday’s Code Black drill. A little more depth than the usual fall drills, the exercise was part of the Chignecto Central Regional School Board’s Serious Incident Response Codes program. As part of the evacuation and relocation, 150 students and about 15 staff members were moved down about three blocks to St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, on High Street. There, the children were rounded up and head counts were taken. They returned to the school, directed by staff and members of the New Glasgow police. “This would be the procedure if there were a bomb threat, if there were hazardous materials – if there were a smell (leak) in the boiler room,” said Acadia’s school principal, Mike Washburn. The Code Black drill, also the procedure to be followed in cases of air contamination, a natural disaster or a threat outside of the school, is a first for Acadia Street. Terri Mingo-MacNeill, spokesperson for the CCRSB, said the bigger picture is the Serious Incident Response program which couples dedicated lines for board administration with Zero to 30 guide for school staff, as well as colour-coded guides in each and every classroom in the school board. “We felt we needed to do more in the first 30 minutes,” Mingo-MacNeill said. Though they were a little excited to get out in the fall sunshine, Washburn gives all the students taking part in the drill passing grades. “It’s been excellent, and we’re pleased with the great co-operation we’ve had with the police and fire department. New Glasgow Police Service Const. Ken MacDonald, who observed the drill, said the system gives emergency personnel an added advantage in cases of an emergency. “If we know what steps the school is taking, we don’t waste resources trying to set that up,” he said. “It lessens the trauma for staff and students and increases the likelihood of success,” MacDonald said. BY SEAN KELLY - The News New Glasgow Sept. 27, 06 Code Black: As originally published Youngest students of the Chignecto Central School Board experience most serious of evacuations – as a drill Sean Kelly The News Acadia Street School students return to classes yesterday afternoon after participating in a Code Black - evacuation and relocation drill.