POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 131 wdym What do you mean wdyw What do you want we, w-end Week-end weg Wicked evil grin wkf Well known fact wnwu What's new with you wos Wife over shoulder wru Who are you wtg Way to go wtgp? Want to go private? (go to a private room) wth, wth? What/Who the heck (or H**, or sub an 'F' for the 'H') wtrdoin What are you doing wts? What's that sh_t? wuf ? Where are you from? wuz Was X xoxo Hugs and kisses (X's are kisses and O's are hugs) xxx Kisses Y y Why ybs You'll be sorry yg Young gentleman yl Young lady ym Young man yt? You there? yw You're welcome Z zzzz Sleeping, tired Smileys :-) Happy, smiling :-))) Laughing a lot :-D Has a big smile ;-) Is winking :'-) Crying of joy :-" Whistling :-* Sending a kiss :-x Cannot say a word |-) Sleepy |-l Asleep :-( Sad, angry :-| Ambivalent, indifferent :- Not happy :-/ Is sceptic, euh.... :'-( Crying :-o Surprised :-O Even more surprised :-P Grimace :-# Not wanting to talk :-& Is sick :-... Heart broken :-)~ Raptured :-~ To be cold :-' Spitting-out is chewing gum :-s Done or said something wrong :-\ Did not appreciate at all %-6 Be unconscious, going crazy .-) To have an eye on... ,-) Having only one eye and winking x-( Dying right now (-: Is left handed :*) Being drunk %-) Staying too long in front of pc |-o Yawning/snoring :-9 Licking the lips @-}--- or ---<-<--<--@ A flower for you [ ], ( ) Hugging, holding someone tight in your arms ex: [Catherine] :-)x or :-)* Kiss :-)~~(-: Kissing deeply <3 Love, heart <3< Hate { } Kissing someone very hard ex: {{{{Catherine}}}} <> Make love B-) Wearing glasses B:-) Having glasses on the head :^) Having a big nose (:-) Bald =:-) Hair all over :-(=) Has big teeth d:-) Wearing a hat P-) Wearing an eye band &:-) Curly hair :-{) Has a mustache :-7<> Smoking the pipe :-)>/////> Wearing a tie [:-) Listening to a walkman [:] Being a robot 8:-) Be a girl {:-) or /:-) Wearing a beret *:-) Bozo the clown C:-) Having a big IQ o:-) Angelic >:-( Angry ( : : ( ) : : ) Band-aid :-{ } Blowing a kiss :( ) Can't stop talking :-> Devilish ;-> Devilish wink :-6 Exhausted, wiped out (( )):** Hugs and kisses :-)*(-: Kiss :-@ Screaming ^ Thumbs up :-& Tongue tied ?¬? Laughing to death °oO Thinking (...cont’d)