POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 129 pfm Please forgive me pic Picture pliz, pls, plz Please plmk Please let me know pm Private message pmfji Pardon me for jumping in pml Pissing myself laughing pmp Peed my pants poahf Put on a happy face pos Parent over shoulder pov Point of view ppl People ppr Paper prob Problem probly, prolly Probably puter Computer Q qsl Reply qso Conversation qt Cutie ques Question R r Are rbay Right back at you rem Remember rl Real life rm Room rme Rolling my eyes rnt Aren't rofl Rolling on floor laughing rsn Really soon now rtfaq Read the FAQ list rt Real time S S Smile S^, S'UP What's up? sb Smiles back sds Sweet dreams sec Second sete Smiling ear to ear shid Slaps head in disgust sk8ing Skating smh Shaking my head smhof Set my heart on fire scnr Sorry, could not resist sn Screen name so Significant other some1 Someone somy? Sick of me yet? sorta Sort of sot Short of time sotmg Short of time must go spoz Suppose spoz2 Supposed to spoz2b Supposed to be sry Sorry ss So sorry str8 Straight stw Scared to watch su Shut up suakm Shut up and kiss me sul See you later sup? What's up? or Wassup? (a greeting) swag Scientific wild a** guess swak Sealed with a kiss swl Screaming with laughter syah Sending you a hug syak Sending you a kiss sys See you soon syt Sweet young thing T ta Thanks again tafn That's all for now taw Take a walk tc Take care tcoy Take care of yourself tdy Today (anglais) = aujourd'hui thx, tnx, tx Thanks tia Thanks in advance tilii Tell it like it is tlc Tender loving care tnt Till next time toy Thinking of you tp Toilet paper tt4n Ta ta for now ttme Talk to me tttyt Ta ta to you too ttyl Talk to you later turt Take your time twb4u That was before you ty Thank you tyt Take your time (common reply to brb) tyvm Thank you very much U u You u'd You'd ul, u/l Upload or Uploading ull You'll uno You know up Youpie (means "yeah") ur Your or you're urs Yours urself Yourself urw You are welcome V vn Very nice W w.e, w/e Whatever w/ With w/o Without w8 Wait wadup What's up? wag Wild a** guess wanna Want to wayd What are you doing wb Welcome back wbs Write back soon wcul Will catch you later wdp Well done partner (...cont’d) (cont’d...)