POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 127 J j/a Just asking j/k Joking j/p Just playing j/w Just wondering j2luk, j2lun, j2lyn, jtluk, jtlun, jtlyk, jtlyn Just to let you know j4g Just for grins jam Just a minute jas Just a second jc Just chillin' jfyi Just for your information jj Just joking jk Just kidding jlt Just like that jm Just messing jmo Just my opinion K k, kk Okay, alright kiss Keep it simple, stupid KIT Keep in touch ko Knock out koc, kotc Kiss on the cheek kotl Kiss on the lips kwim Know what I mean L l Laugh lol Laughing out loud l2s Laughing to self l8 Late l8r Later (Goodbye) lasa Loser ldr Long-distance relationship lemme Let me leta Later lhm Lord help me lho Laughing head off lhu Lord help us lm Love me lma Leave me alone lmao Laughing my ass off lmirl Lets meet in real life lmk Let me know lns Laughing non stop lotza Lots of lshih Laughing so hard it hurts lshmbb Laughing so hard my belly is bouncing lshmbh Laughing so hard my belly hurts ltns Long time no see lts Laughing to self luv Love luv ya, ly Love you luwamh Love you with all my heart ly4e Love you forever lylab Love you like a brother lylas Love you like a sister M m/b My bad m8 Mate mbn Must be nice me2 Me too meanna Mean to mel E-mail mia Missing in action min Minute msg Messages mtf More to follow mtg Meeting mwa A kiss (the sound "mwa") myob Mind your own business mys Miss you so N n In or and (depending on context) n/m Not much n2m Not too much n2n Nice to know nadt Not a darn thing nc, n/c No comment ndbwy Nice doing business with you ne Any ne1 Anyone nehow Anyhow nemore Anymore nething Anything neway Anyway nhot Never heard of that nick Nickname nifoc Naked in front of computer nm Never mind nmjc Nothing much just chillin' no1 No one nom No offense meant np No problem / nosy parents nrn No reply necessary nstlc Needs some tender loving care ntmu Nice to meet you nuffin, nutn Nothing nv Envy nvm Never mind nvng Nothing ventured, nothing gained nw Network nw No way O oic, ois Oh, I see ol Old lady (wife, girlfriend) om Old man (significant other) omg Oh my gosh oob Out of body oom Out of mind otoh On the other hand otp On the phone ottomh Off the top of my head outta Out of P paw Parents are watching pds Please don't shoot (cont’d...) (...cont’d)