POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 123 123 *poof* Has left the chat 12345 Talk about school 20 Location 2, 2b, 2u To, to be, to you 4 For 404 I have no clue (what you get when you enter a wrong URL) ^5 High 5 A abt About adn Any day now afaics As far as I can See afaik As far as I know afk Away from keyboard afn That's all for now aka Also known as asap As soon as possible asl? or a/s/l? Age, sex, location? atm At the moment atw At the weekend B b Be b/c, bc Because b/l Buddy list b4 Before b4n, bbfn, bfn Bye for now bas Big a** smile bbb Bye bye baby bbiab Be back in a bit bbl Be back later bbn Bye bye now bbs Be back soon bcnu Be seeing you bd Big deal b-day Birthday beg Big evil grin bf Boyfriend bff Best friends forever bffae Best friends forever and ever bibo Beer in, beer out bion Believe it or not bka Best known as bl Buddy list bl Belly laugh bmgwl Busting my gut with laughter bnscd But now something completely different bout About brb Be right back btdt Been there, done that btw By the way bwl Bursting with laughter byca Before you came along bz Busy C c See cg c&g Chuckle and grin cico Coffee in, coffee out cid Crying in disgrace cm Call me cmiiw Correct me if I'm wrong cmm Change(d) my mind cnp Continued (in my) next post comp Computer conv Conversation cp Chat post(a chat message) cr Chat room crbt Crying real big tears csg Chuckle snicker grin ctp Cutie pie cu See you cuial See you in another life cul, cul8r, cyl, Cyl8r See you later cuttl Crawling under the table laughing cuz Because cya See ya cym Change your mind D d/l Download, downloading or downloaded da The dat That dial Dialogue diff Different dint Didn't diz This dltbbb Don't let the bed bugs bite dom Dirty old man dont Don't dos Dozing off soon dtrt Do the right thing dunno Don't know duz Does duznt Doesn't dwb Don't write back dwpkotl Deep wet passionate kiss on the lips E e1 Everyone eg Evil grin egbok Everything going to be O.K. e-mail or e-mail Electronic mail Chat Dictionary Industry Canada industrie Canada Online chatting, where two people communicate by typing at the computer, is a normal part of everyday life for kids nowadays. If you don't know the lingo, however, you might be baffled by the cryptic acronyms you see on-screen. This dictionary will help you decipher what your kids are saying in chat rooms and other online services like instant messaging (MSN, etc.). (cont’d...)