POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 121 Not so long ago, the most important advice you could give a child about the big bad world was, "Never talk to strangers." The Internet has vaporized that golden rule, at least in the world we know as cyberspace. If kids have logged onto the World Wide Web, sent an e-mail or entered a chat room, it's a certainty that they've also talked to strangers. In fact, kids are talking to strangers in greater numbers than ever before. Clearly, it's time to develop new advice, advice that addresses this new reality. It is in this context that was created. CyberWise is managed by the Industry Canada team that put together the SchoolNet program, a trusted name providing learning resources for millions of Canadian students and teachers. provides information, resources and useful links on how to use the Internet safely. In addition, CyberWise offers, among other things, a chat dictionary, activities to do in the classroom, games for younger kids, and a description of online dangers, such as cyberbullying, child pornography and luring. is part of the National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet created by the Canadian government in 2004. Mandate CyberWise allows Industry Canada to pursue partnerships with the e-learning industry, the private sector, and local and provincial levels of government in order to educate and raise public awareness about the Internet. Research, creation of learning activities and other online resources, distribution of its brochure, its two posters, two bookmarks and one-pager are the means deployed by CyberWise to promote the safe use of the Internet to children, youth, parents, teachers and youth professionals. Moreover, since January 2006, has distributed, on request, several thousands of their materials, to schools and Canadians in general. National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet Goal of the Strategy Enhanced protection of children on the Internet and enhanced pursuit of those who use technology to exploit them. Why a strategy? The safety and well-being of children and youth is a critical issue for the Government of Canada who is engaged in ongoing work to combat their exploitation and to make Canada a place in which children and youth can safely live and flourish. Keeping children and youth safe in their homes, schools and on the street is vital, but governments all over the world now recognize that technological developments of the past decade have created new threats to the security of youth. In partnership with the other G8 countries, Canada has helped advance international policy to protect children from sexual exploitation on the Internet. In March 2004, the Government of Canada announced funding for its own National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet. While the Government acknowledges the potential for economic growth that the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will continue to create for Canada, it also recognizes the need to help Canadians manage some of the associated risks that are part and parcel of the World Wide Web. The National Strategy will therefore provide support in three areas. The first of these provides strengthening of the enforcement capacity of the RCMP through the expansion of the National Coordination Centre for Exploited Children. The second is for the expansion, in partnership with Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, of the website as the national tipline for reporting cases of sexual exploitation of children on the Internet. The third allows for the development of the Industry Canada's CyberWise Website. What is Industry Canada industrie Canada