POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 119 relies on complaints submitted by the Canadian public and does not proactively seek out illegal online material. Additionally, does not store or maintain a database of child pornography images and does not contact or otherwise engage alleged offenders in any way. Success Stories 1 A mother in Ontario contacted through the toll-free number after she learned that her fourteen year old daughter had been conversing with a thirty-five year old male on the Internet. The mother found evidence on her child's computer that the male suspect had been sending her child pornography images. A analyst conducted various searches, added value, and verified the information provided. The report was then referred to Kingston Police Services. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the child had been conversing online with other adult males and had been sexually assaulted by a male out of Pennsylvania. This male was arrested and charged with four different counts relating to this case. Additionally, other female victims were identified and law enforcement expect that he will be incarcerated in the US for up to thirty years, preventing further victimization of young girls. 2 In August 2004, received 3 reports from different sources indicating that there may be a Canadian website hosting child pornography images. analysts examined the contents of the website, "Lost Youth," and determined that there were images being posted on this site that would be considered to be illegal child pornography images. Searches determined that the website was being hosted by a company from Chateauguay, Quebec. The file was forwarded to the SQ Cyber-surveillance Unit, and as a result of this intervention, the site has been shut down. was provided with an online report from a concerned moderator of an MSN Trivia chatroom. The reporting person had been informed that an individual from Manitoba had been chatting with an adult female member and requested to see pictures of the female's twenty-one month old daughter so that he could masturbate to the images. Information was obtained on the individual's IP address, and a possible identity of the suspect was made. forwarded the report to the Winnipeg Police Service Child Abuse Unit, who subsequently arrested a twenty-three year old male and charged him with possession of child pornography. 4In July 2004, received an online report from an employer in Toronto who had tracked one of his employee's computer usage and sites visited. He discovered that the individual was visiting illegal websites to download images of child pornography. verified the information prior to forwarding it to the Toronto Police Service's Child Pornography Unit. After an extensive investigation, the Unit uncovered two additional computers at the suspect's home, both containing stored child abuse images. A thirty-three year old male was arrested in August and charged with accessing and possessing child pornography. 5A concerned friend from California contacted about a young boy who was being molested by his father and his father's friends. The individual reported that the boy was forced to get naked while the adult males took photographs and videos of him and another boy. He was also made to look at pornography on the computer. The boy was threatened that if he ever told anyone, they would hurt his mommy. After a brief review, immediately forwarded the information to the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre. (...cont’d)