POLICE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA 107 Led by Parry Aftab, WiredSafety has more than 9,000 volunteers working throughout the world and offers one of the largest online safety and education initiatives available. WiredSafety works to provide education regarding cybercrime; provides help for online victims of cybercrime and harassment; assists law enforcement agencies throughout the world to prevent and investigate cybercrime; and provides information regarding online safety, privacy, and security. WiredSafety also places emphasis on offering support and training to law enforcement, creating awareness and cybercrime prevention programs, and offering expertise to government groups and other agencies requiring their assistance. WiredSafety also acts as an umbrella organization overseeing two other initiatives to increase online safety and awareness: and Child Exploitation Division As part of the WiredPatrol branch of Wired Safety, the Child Exploitation Division is dedicated to eradicating all forms of child exploitation on the Internet, including child pornography and sexual molestation. This is accomplished through online and offline awareness, advertising campaigns, and teams that investigate child pornography distribution schemes, and sexual molesters online. WiredPatrol also educates law enforcement agencies, attorneys, the public, and educators worldwide. Being a member of the Child Exploitation Division involves a substantial amount of time online, where team members come across images that are sometimes horrific and disturbing. This division is not for the faint-hearted. Members are selected by invitation only. To join the Child Exploitation Division, a potential member must be at least 25 years of age (or be a minimum of 21 years of age and have the approval of the Division Director), have sent in their police letter to WiredSafety, have completed specific advanced Wired-Ed classes, and undertaken intensive team training classes and orientation. The Child Exploitation Division consists of the following teams: Please note that some teams are still under development. Kidslist Team WiredSafety’s oldest and most successful team's name stands for "Kids in Danger." It was set up to deal with tips received of child pornography and exploitation. Using tips gathered from the WiredPatrol site and independent searching on the part of team members, the Kidslist Team compiles a list of active child pornography sites that is sent to law-enforcement agencies (including U.S. Customs), ISPs, portals, hotlines and to the credit card companies/online billing services whose products are being used at those sites. Volunteers of this team are very special. They have to be able to view some of the most horrendous images anyone could ever imagine, of children being sexually molested-as young as only a few months old. This team is responsible for investigating and reporting more than 500 child pornography Web sites each week. They are also responsible for investigating tips of child pornography trading schemes. They know firsthand that behind every picture of child pornography is pain. Site Tracing Team As specially trained technology experts, these team members hunt and track sites and individuals who trade in child pornography. Using legal methods, they trace all confirmed child pornography sites to their origin/site owner and people involved, and to their e-mail addresses and offline addresses, as well. Division Training/Orientation Team Provides ongoing, intensive training to all current and potential Child Exploitation Division members. These classes include lessons on the state of the law, investigation methods, understanding which law enforcement agencies have jurisdiction over the site and the child pornographers, and how to determine whether an image falls under the definition of child pornography. Wired Safety The world's largest Internet safety, help and education organization (cont’d...)